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Simple Design

Production of electricity using wires and magnets is already an easy concept. Basically any magnet moving near any conductor (wire) will induce some electrical force (voltage) in the conductor. Making it work however, is a technical challenge. Often the amount of electricity produced by movements of a magnet next to a wire is only a few millivolts. Such low voltage is not enough for any thing. The technical challenge is coming up with a design that produces more voltage. You will need at least one volt (1000 millivolts) in order to light up a small light bulb.

The wooden generator project is a successful attempt toward creating a simple design that is easy to understand and produces 1 to 3 volts.

Simple and detail instructions with clear pictures reduce the chance of mistakes and increase the success rate.

When you spin the rotor, the magnet will spin inside the box. This will induce a voltage in the coil of magnet wire wrapped over the box.

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