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Wooden generator is a simple design electric generator used by students and teachers to show the principles of electric generator. Most students and teachers by these parts as a single kit or a class pack, however, these parts may also be obtained separately.

The picture on the right shows all the parts you need to construct an electric generator. These parts are available as a kit and are also sold separately.

Both parts and kits are also available in discounted class packs for 12 students.

Product code: KITWG


The cow magnet used for electric generator is a strong ALNICO magnet rod, 3" long and 1/2" in diameter. Both ends are rounded.

MiniScience Part#: COWMAG

MiniScience also sells other types of cow magnet that are just for cows and are not suitable for electric generator.

Wood Dowel Rotor:

The rotor is the part that holds the magnet and must spin inside the wire coil to induce electricity in it. The dowel is made to size by wood turning and then a 1/2" hole is cut in its center. The rotor is an important part of any electric generator and must be made with precision and be balanced.

MiniScience Part#  WROTOR

Magnet Wire:

The wooden electric generator requires a coil of magnet wire. Magnet wire is a copper wire coated with a thin insulating polymer. The magnet wire used in making a wooden electric generator is wire gage 22 or 23. Each generator requires about 250 up to 300 feet of magnet wire.

 MiniScience Part# MW_23_250

Wood Parts:

Wood parts used to construct the body of the wooden generator are included in the kits and class packs.


The super bright, low voltage, low current LED lamp is the key to the success of any simple electric generator project. This lamp is used to test and demonstrate the functionality of the wooden generator.

MiniScience Part# 8CR2V20MA


The analog multimeters may be used to measure the output voltage of the generator. This is required while you are testing the effect of rotor speed or number of wire loops on the output voltage.

Part# YG188 or AMM360

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